Gujarat Career Guideline 2021 After 10th or 12th (કારકિર્દી માર્ગદર્શન)

 Gujarat Career Guideline 2021 After 10th or 12th (કારકિર્દી માર્ગદર્શન)

Career guidance after 10 and 12

Gujarat Career Guideline 2021 After 10th or 12th (કારકિર્દી માર્ગદર્શન)

As the high school years come to a conclusion, many students may find it difficult to move on to the next stage. When your school trip doesn't include a career plan with enough time to pick a stream and explore someone's different interests, moving from school to college lodge can determine a person's entire career future. Often, many of them feel confused in a world full of career choices. At such a crucial stage of life, receiving reliable career guidance can determine the way forward. However, the importance of career guidance after the 12th is underestimated in the Indian education system. Through this blog, we will explore how important it is to provide career guidance to students after 12th and how Leverage Edu can help you choose the right career path.

After 12 Best Career Options

After completing the 12th standard, students usually explore the best educational options available in the selected stream in the 11th created from their stream. Each stream has a sea of ​​different careers to choose from. Choosing your career without career guidance after 12th standard is a bad idea because choosing a direction can jeopardize your progress by wasting precious time of your academic years. Let's explore some of the popular degree programs that can be found under each stream of study:

For Non-Medical Science (PCM) students

B.Tech - Bachelor in Technology

B.E. - Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

Real science

Commercial pilot training

B.Sc: Bachelor (Science, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)

BCA: Bachelor in Computer Applications

The importance of career guidance after 12

Even after choosing a stream after the tenth standard result, each stream of study has a sea of ​​options. From commerce to arts and sciences, each stream has its own range of specialty, degree and diploma courses and you can also change trends by finding short-term courses after 12th. Inexperienced and unaware of the many opportunities ahead of them, students often lose the best options available to them. This shows the essential importance of career guidance after 12th standard. Here are some benefits of career guidance after 12th:

Career counselors assess the student's potential and inclinations and help them find the best scholarship for them, as well as choosing the right course and college ledge.

Education advisors play an indispensable role in helping students find the best prospects, whether they are studying in their home country or abroad, while also advising on student loan procedures and related formalities.

These specialists also help you find new courses according to your personal goals, keeping in mind the practicality.

All this help makes the whole cumbersome process of finding the right path after the 12th result admission process very easy and fruitful, thus guiding the students during this crucial and stressful phase.

12 How can a rewarding education guide you in choosing the right career path?

Before setting your goals with a specific course or college ledge, you must look in that direction. Always try to choose a study area in your field that is relevant to you, that you enjoy and that you want to explore something. If you get the right career guidance after 12 as an educational consultant, you can help find the best path to your career, your efforts will be successful. Students will be able to easily find the right combination of their right curriculum and college ledge.

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