NISHTHA 3.0 Training : FLN NISHTHA Training For Teachers ; Course Module Link on DIKSHA For NISHTHA 3.0 Talim

NISHTHA 3.0 Training : FLN NISHTHA Training For Teachers ; Course Module Link on DIKSHA For NISHTHA 3.0 Talim

NISHTHA 3.0 Training - ssagujarat

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Fidelity 3.0 Course Online (FLN) Training on Initiation

Nishtha 3.0 Course Commencement:01/10/2021
Platform: Online Diksha App
Training for pre-primary and classroom. 1 to 5 teachers and principal.
Registration mandatory on initiation by 30/09/2021
Pre-primary and STD involvement. 1 to 5 teachers and headmasters in training under Fidelity 3.0 (FLN).

NISHTHA 3.0 training

Full details of the loyalty training program are available here. NISHTHA is a capacity building program for "Improving the Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training". Nishtha 3.0 training is commencing from October 1, 2021.

NISHTHA 3.0 Course Online (FLN) Training on Initiation
and National Initiative for the Holistic Advancement of School Heads and Teachers (NISHTHA) Gun Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) Training for Principals is planned. The training is likely to start from October 1, 2021. Due to the epidemic of Kovid-19 across the country, this training will have to be received through online mode through loyalty course at Diksha Manch.

Self Declaration Form 


The Ministry of Education, Government of India has launched the Basic Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) mission and provides guidelines to develop literacy and numeracy skills in children at the grassroots level. The course deals with the goals and objectives of the mission and outlines the roles of various stakeholders.

Nishtha 3.0 for Skilled India
Fidelity 3.0 Registration

Registration is mandatory to join NISHTHA 3.0. Join the course after registering on the Diksha Portal. Teachers who have not registered once on the Diksha portal are required to register themselves. The teacher has to fill a self-declaration form on the Diksha portal to join the online course.

In which teachers and principals of all pre-primary schools of the state and class teachers. 1 to 5 of all government, aided and private primary schools will have to be included. The syllabus will be available in Gujarati, Hindi, English and Urdu medium. 3 courses will start from October, teachers who have already registered on the initiation portal do not need to register again

He will be able to directly join the course by clicking on Join Course. But once not registered on Diksha portal, it is mandatory to register to join the course. The teacher has to follow the following steps to register on Diksha Portal.

The teacher has to fill the self declaration form on the loyalty portal to join the online course otherwise he/she cannot attend the course. This registration details should include District, Taluka, Caster Name, School Name, Teacher Code. All the teachers of your district on the initiation portal. You are hereby asked to make necessary instructions from your level to get the registration done by 30th September 2021.

DIKSHA App ID અને પાસવર્ડ ભૂલી ગયા હોય તો શું કરવું ? જુઓ વિડીયો


The DIKSHA platform provides teachers with NISHTHA registration, online training, modules, courses and certificates. Download the DIKSHA app and scan the QR code in your textbooks for easy access to all your lessons.

Nishtha full form : National Initiative for School Heads and Teachers Holistic Advancement

Nishtha is the world's largest teacher training program of its kind in the world

How to NISHTHA 3.0 training registration

  • Capacity building of 4.2 million teachers
  • Integrated training of Principals/Heads as a major educational aid
  • Training of all heads and teachers as first level counselors
  • promote experiential and joyful learning
  • Focus on learning aptitude and higher order thinking skills based pedagogy
  • Review the process and course material described on this page for registration.
  • Loyalty Training Registration Link

Click on the “Register Now” button to start the registration on the web and provide the required details as requested on the next page. Press "Submit" after filling all the details.

Nishtha NCERT

It is designed keeping in mind the entire teacher life cycle – from the time students enroll in Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) till they retire as teachers. It also provides access to NCERT textbooks and lessons while following the regular school curriculum.

Nishtha Portal

What will be found on NISHTHA Portal?

You will find simple and understandable material, ppt, pdf, videos on the application of these teaching in your classroom.
Essential activities in your classroom.
Know about the various policies and schemes being run by the government for the development of its students.

Fidelity 3.0 Course Online (FLN) Training on Initiation

The value of the curious class The upside of the sensible class can be represented as follows: Easy exposure of the subject: The substance can be easily introduced. The ICT based material arranged by the teacher can be easily introduced. Idea of ​​Inquiry Bank for Evaluation: Question Bank for Evaluation can be remembered for the curious section.

The probe is prepared as per the bank unit. Includes different types of tests: Different types of tests can be memorized for the clever class. Tests can be used as per requirement. Understudy Progress Note: Students can monitor the work done during the year, get data on how much progress they have made at the end of the year.

All progress has been tracked. Understudy Attendance Note: Student Attendance Note can be kept. Various plans can be made by the class. The amount of missing days during the year can be noted. Intermediary assignments: Students can be taught in the intermediate hours through Keane classes instead of instructors. Work should be possible without a teacher.

Unit Summary Different units can be summarized on the basis of topic. Exercise assignments: Pre-booking assignments given to those quickly dependent on the unit after presentation of the shown task, part of the virtual study hall: the instructor can demonstrate the understanding and understanding of the neighborhood in a good way, that is, any great class There may be a section in the Mimicry Homeroom case. Should it be possible to create a mental picture? Mental depiction of the students should be possible.

Interaction during instructional task: While teaching the teacher can check from time to time as per the requirement, present different figures on the skin at a particular time as per the requirement. Doing so intelligently can make the process of learning more compelling. Distance Learning Capability Mart class can be used as a successful medium and tool in distance education.

The data can be reused. Can computer generated reality be created? Augmented Reality can be created on the skin to show every single geological and general simulated miracle. Scientific examinations can be shown uniquely by creating a virtual trial school on the skin, a striking exhibition of investigations.

NISHTHA 3.0 online training

Under Nishtha, online training will be given to government teachers of different states of the country. For this, the government has also launched the Nishtha portal.

NISHTHA 3.0 to initiation

DIKSHA (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing) is a national platform for school education, an initiative of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Ministry of Education. DIKSHA was developed based on the core principles of Open Architecture, Open Access, Open Licensing, Diversity, Choice and Autonomy, as outlined in the Strategy and Approaches paper for the National Teachers Forum.

Diksha can be accessed by learners and teachers across the country and currently supports 18+ languages ​​and various courses from NCERT, CBSE and SCERT across India. The platform is being developed and developed to support school education, foundational learning programs and inclusive education for disadvantaged and differently-abled communities of learners and teachers.

Fidelity training registration upon initiation

Any organization, recognized education or learning body or individual user can register on the portal.

Registration on Diksha Portal with Mobile Number or Email ID

Click here for loyalty training registration information on DIKSHA

NISHTHA 3.0 training in hindi

This initiative of training teachers under this scheme will strengthen school education. Similar efforts will be made in future also. He also said that India has already been given the title of Vishwa Guru. Will try that children do not go to other countries for studies. In addition, the quality of teachers should be greatly improved through this training. Along with this, there should also be improvement towards achieving the goal of learning outcome. This training material is also available in Hindi language.

NISHTHA 3.0 course

Awareness about Centrally Sponsored Schemes/Initiatives
online monitoring and support system
Convergence of Multi-Departmental Efforts
Activity Based Training Module
loyalty training for teachers

The Department of School Education and Literacy has launched a National Mission under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Samagra Shiksha to improve learning outcomes at the elementary level through an integrated teacher training program called NISHTHA.

NISHTHA is a capacity building program for "Improving the Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training". It aims to build competencies among all teachers and school principals at the elementary level. Nishtha is the largest teacher training program of its kind in the world. The basic objective of this massive training program is to motivate and equip the teachers to encourage and promote critical thinking in the students.

Creating an enabling and richly inclusive classroom environment
Teachers are trained to use art as a pedagogy that enhances creativity and innovation in students.
Improving students' learning outcomes.
Teachers are trained to develop and strengthen the personal-social qualities of the students for their holistic development.
Creation of healthy and safe school environment.
Teachers are trained as first level counselors to be alert and responsive to the social, emotional and psychological needs of students.
loyalty training online link

The loyalty training online link is given below. You can join any course by clicking on this link.

FLN Mission Introduction (Allegiance FLN) Click Here

How to NISHTHA 3.0 Training Certificate Download

Offers a certificate of initiation after completing the recommended course. The course detail card specifies whether the course offers a certificate or not. The certificate is issued on completion of the course with the eligibility criteria and the best score of the user. An email or SMS is sent to the user when the certificate is issued. Users can view them on the profile page.


Scroll down to Participated Courses of the Profile page
The courses that offer the certification have the option to download the certificate. Click on Download Certificate
The certificate opens in a new tab.
Click on the download icon and select the folder where you want to download the certificate
Note: The certificate is downloaded in a PDF format

NISHTHA 3.0 training module

  1. Curriculum, Learner Centered Pedagogy
  2. Learning Outcomes and Inclusive Education
  3. Improving socio-personal qualities and creating a safe and healthy school environment
  4. arts integrated education
  5. school based assessment
  6. health and wellbeing
  7. Integration of ICT in Teacher-Teaching and Evaluation

NISHTHA 3.0 training course
  • Basic Literacy and Numerical Mission – Introduction
  • Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE): Foundations of Study
  • Basic Literacy and Numeracy Mission Vision
  • The need and importance of the FLN mission
  • Role of various stakeholders in mission implementation

નિષ્ઠા 3.0 માં જોઈન થવા માટેની લિંક

Paripatra : Download

NISHTHA 3.0 Training Schedule for Teachers and Anganwadi Workers, Online Registration Link
Subject: Samagra Shiksha - SIEMAT -NISHTHA 3.0 (FLN) Training to Teachers and Initiation to School Heads from Pre-Primary to Class V - Training to Teacher though Online - Schedule - Notified. Reference: D.O.No. 18-16/2020 -IS.14/15 (Part-1) 10-09-2021 from Department of School Education and Literacy.

1. Attention of District Education Officers and ex-officio Project Coordinators, Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha and Principals of DIET in the State are invited with reference read above and informed that NISHTHA 3.0 FLN Online Teacher Training on Diksha will be 01 Started from -10-2021 till March 31, 2022. Training is mandatory for all teachers and school heads from pre-primary to class V.

નિષ્ઠા 3.0 અંતર્ગત અહેવાલ  

Nishtha 3.0 training to teachers and Anganwadi workers
AP pre primary teacher and anganwadi worker loyalty training instructions
2. In this regard, the following instructions are to be communicated to the concerned teacher and 100% attendance is to be ensured in the training.
a. To download the Diksha app from Google Play Store, you have to register with your mobile number.
NS. Teachers have to fill their institute details like UDISE, Treasury ID and Mail ID after getting registered in the app.
C. Primary teachers who are already registered in Diksha App, they don't need to download and register, they can do courses from the same account,
D. An elementary teacher who has completed the Elementary course Nishtha 1.0 in the Diksha platform is also required to complete the Nishtha 3.0 FLN curriculum.
I. All Anganwadi workers in Pre-Primary will compulsorily follow the above instructions (Nos. 1 & 2) as they are new to initiation training.
3. In view of the above, all the District Education Officers are requested to follow some guidelines.
a. To utilize the services of SRG of Nishtha 1.0 for operationalization of Nishtha 3.0 in their respective districts.
NS. To organize a convergence meeting with the officers of the Department of Women and Child Welfare to ensure 100% training to Anganwadi workers.
C. To utilize the service of resource persons to oversee the training of Anganwadi workers to Anganwadi teachers.
D. To designate AMO and MIS as nodal officers for coordinating academic and technical aspects,
I. For the smooth conduct of online training program the state office will issue latest updates about enrollment poster, live telecast, feedback form, attendance link and dashboard details from time to time.
4. Therefore, all district education officers and ex-officio project coordinators, in addition to holistic education, project coordinators and DIET principals are instructed to take all necessary steps for 100% participation of teachers in online training by disseminating the above information. Lift.

5. It can be treated as priority item of work.

Fidelity 3.0 Training Registration Link

The NISHTHA 3.0 training will mainly focus on the intellectual development of the children rather than the books in the training of teachers. This program will motivate and equip teachers to encourage and promote critical thinking in children. Students will then be able to handle different situations and teachers will be able to act as first level counselors.
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