How to Choose a Good Blog Niche (More than 100+ Niche Ideas)

Best Blog Niche to Make Money How to Choose a Blog Niche How to Choose a Good Blog Niche (More than 100 Niche Ideas) How to Choose High Demand Blog Topics Most Popular Blog Topics 2020

How to Choose a Good Blog Niche (More than 100 Niche Ideas)

How to Choose a Good Blog Niche

What is the first step in building a profitable blog?

How to Choose a Good Blog Niche (More than 100 Niche Ideas)

How To Choose A Good Blog Niche (More Than 100 Niche Ideas) No - Unable to find the right host for your website.

It does not come with a domain name and register it.

Before getting this, you should first identify the blog niches that are most profitable for you.

Over 100 additional niche ideas

What is a niche?

Before we get to our niche in blogging, let's get down to the basics first.

If you are completely new to blogging, chances are you may not even know what a niche is.

Simply put, it is a very specialized segment of the sub-market that serves specific customers with specific needs.

You see, most successful self-made bloggers start with three main markets: money, health, and relationships.

three main markets

do not believe me?

In the top of your head, create as many popular blogs as possible.

Fitness, weight loss, business, real estate, retirement, dating - they all come from the bottom three main markets.

Main Market and Submarket

Based on the value proposition, even travel blogs can be classified into core health or money markets.

There are blogs that talk about safety and travel to improve spiritual health, while others divulge opportunities for potential benefits.

This includes logging, tips for saving, photography and travel blogging.

Why is a specific niche important in a blog?

Beginner bloggers may wonder why pop has a place in their minds instead of writing about it?

The best way to answer this is to focus on the benefits of the targeted laser niche, namely:

Generate Recurring Traffic – By blogging at a specific niche, you attract the attention of a limited audience that is likely to return. How to Choose a Good Blog Niche (More than 100 Niche Ideas)

It would be better not to let them down by talking about random topics that don't interest them.

Better Monetization – Specifying a niche means knowing your target audience.

Knowing your target audience, in turn, allows you to promote products and services that will benefit them.

Build an authoritative image – If you want to appear in something as an authority, you have to define what that thing is. Whenever you feel like it, you cannot be a blogger.

How to Increase Remote Digital Marketing Team Productivity.

Improve your search engine visibility – Sometimes in your blogging career, you need to learn and use SEO or search engine optimization practices.

Easiest way to earn money from blog

One such practice is to stick to one place and consistently post relevant content.

Record your marketing decisions – In addition to SEO, your niche should also be taken into account when planning other marketing strategies.

For example, for social media marketing, you need to choose the right network that is appreciated by your audience and your competitors.

Identify Profitable Blog Niche Ideas and a Blog ?

Slow - Submarkets will be discovered only after understanding the main markets.

Areas like skincare and freelancing can seem a lot more specialized and less competitive than the major markets.

But if you look at the bigger picture, they are still not profitable, but they are submarkets.

Money is down - and a place is something you have to take yourself out of. And to do that, you need to know how you want to integrate into the sub-market.


Without further ado, here's how to find the most profitable blogs in your market.

Know your target audience

Obviously, if you want.

If you want to find the right niche for blogging, you have to start with one of the top three markets.

Can't decide between money, health and relationships?

Serial entrepreneur Russell Brunson shares incredibly useful advice in his book Expert Secrets. I have included this in my list of 10 books that can kick-start your blogging career.

According to Brunson, choosing a niche begins with the question:

"Who do you want to serve?"

To become a blogger anywhere you have to establish yourself as a charismatic leader. And to be an effective leader, you need both knowledge and experience.

Lead your audience to situations and problems you have faced before. So they will believe in you - and thus you will gain their trust.

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In short, you have to choose the main market where you can be considered an expert.

It can also align with your work, your family business, your personal achievements, and your experiences.

Until then, you should also have a clear idea of ​​which presentations to take.

For example, let's say you've been advising the court to your friends for a long time. How about the main dating market for dating relationships?

Don't you believe in yourself too?

Don't be discouraged if you have other experts who have more knowledge and experience than you.

As long as you can help the withdrawals, you can blog about it.

A Look at the Submissions Ecosystem

After naming the desired submarket, it's time to do the screening.

Established brands in your submarket will teach you what works and what ideas are in demand.

More importantly, looking at the ecosystem will help you find a smart place where a new blog can grow.

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There are a few tools you can use to showcase your submarket.

For example, SEMrush allows you to round up the best organic search results for a keyword.

Let's say you're interested in a parenting sub-market.

To talk, enter the keyword "Parent Tips" to trigger the Keyword Analysis feature.

SEMrush Please enter a keyword

The "Keyword Presentation" page will display a lot of interesting information on this keyword.

It will show you the number of searches you get on a monthly basis, some related keywords, and more.

SEMrush Keyword Overview Page

By the way, phrase matches and associated keywords often point to similar submits that you may see.

For now, let's look at the players in this particular sub-market.

Just below the fold is "Organic Search Results," which lists the first 100 pages for your keywords.

Yes - these are the websites you should analyze if you want to know the submission ecosystem.

SEMrush organic search results

When you visit these sites, look for particularly useful information, such as:

Products and Services - To exclude a niche from the submarket, find out what the best sites offer.

Make a list of these products and services, including affiliate products, e-books, and premium membership options.

Blog Content - What particular topics and content categories do they cover? Do any of these points to possible specific ideas?

What's missing – Since you have chosen the keywords first, you need to be somewhat well versed with your submarket.

For example, try looking for "lag" or missing information on the websites you analyzed.

Now that you have gathered the information listed above, you are ready for the next steps.

Define a unique value proposition

When looking for a profitable niche, many guides recommend starting with low-competition keywords.

Without a doubt, this advice is timeless.

As a budding blogger, you don't want to go with established websites that have a lot of resources.

The blogging industry is in a constant state of war. Well funded websites with large audiences will definitely outlast you.

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However, there is one angle that bloggers don't usually consider: creating a brand that complements the existing big players.

Keep in mind that being in the submarine ecosystem doesn't mean you have to be prepared to be competitive.

A more reserved approach is to think of something unique, brand

Keep in mind that finding a niche in the submarket ecosystem doesn't mean you have to be prepared to be competitive.

A more reserved approach is something so unique that established brands won't see you as a direct competitor.

One way to do this is to define a new market segment for an existing product or service.

Then use the combination to create your own value proposition.

For example, if an existing blog offers independent online courses, it may offer something similar to a smaller audience.

To give you an idea, people interested in freelancing can include students, retirees, stay-at-home parents and employers.

free market niche

You can then aggregate these elements, such as to create a value proposition:

Freelance for stay at home moms

From student to freelance writer who becomes successful quickly

Freelance for Serial Entrepreneurs

Of course, you need a much more creative value proposition than in the examples above.

Depth is also important when defining market segments.

Discover new overlays between different products and audience groups.

The more specialized your chosen location, the easier it is to claim the role of a leading specialist.

fill in the blank

Remember when you inspected blog content from popular sites in your submarket?

There are possibilities for discount content that you can take advantage of to grow your own niche.

As an expert, it is essential that you fill in these gaps with material and solve questions that others do not have the answer to.

Understanding the nature of the target audience's journey will help you find these questions.

Imagine for a second that one of the popular sites in your submarket teaches WordPress development.

By putting yourself in a public place, you start thinking about what plug-ins you can use to make site migration easier.

A topic that is clearly not related to the current site you are reading.

This is everything that is marked at the submarket level.

It is up to you how you take advantage of this opportunity and take advantage of it. But at least you can have these points as a focal point in your content strategy.

In the above case, your future blog may focus on articles related to the world of WordPress plugins. Otherwise,

You can build your content strategy on the topic of website migration, data security and general maintenance.

For more gaps, use a tool like Answer the Public to take advantage of questions submitted by the online community.

north public

A single keyword like "WordPress" can generate hundreds of search phrases that people use online.

best ways to earn money on blog

answering public questions

Considering the list we've got with the public, it's practically a goldmine of specific ideas to explore.

For example, the question "Can WordPress be hacked" points to the topic of WordPress security tips and practices.

On the other hand, for WordPress hosting services "Can Word Host My Domain", you can promote on your linked blog.

find microphone below

At this point, you should have a list of potential blog niche ideas in your head.

You get there, but he still does everything that sounds promising.

We still haven't talked about micro niches, which are the main blogging target for monetization.

Here's the deal: Submarkets are smaller than the main ones and smaller than the bottom ones.

However, the micro-bottom is smaller than the bottom.

What is Micro Niche?

Micro-tracking follows the product if one type of product has the following attention for a specific group of people.


A subtle niche can also focus on a particular subject or skill. For example, Rob Knopper has a blog that teaches how to excel at orchestra auditions.

Rob Napper

Micro-niches are ideal for monetization because they have little competition.

Since micro-niche blogs are built around a product or topic, they are more likely to attract leads.

These blogs are the perfect conditions for monetization.

The downside is that micro niche blog growth will be limited by the potential of your product.

It will also be difficult to generate ideas on new topics in the long run.

You might think that your niche is too small, but a heavy body of 60 or more has thought.

keyword magic tool keyword

As much as it's understood, don't do keyword searches with 60 SEO Tricky Ways - that's short.

You recreate the filter yourself to exclude keywords containing special words.

Although you can't necessarily use free language teaching ideas, a master of them requires that your content strategy certainly makes sense.

Keyword Magic Tool Keyword Filter

If you start with keywords that count for hundreds or thousands of searches cumulatively, then congratulations – your desired location may be viable.

Note that I have the word "can" and pronunciation.

Why? Because although a section of the topic generates thousands of search traffic, its profitability is not guaranteed.

For example, many bloggers benefit from the rewards of their hard work through question marketing.

Announcement and other products are needed that align with the needs of the public.

If you are planning to delve into a new niche and niche product, then a new problem will make sense to you.

If not, don't put up an issue where you are looking to sell potential partner products or services.

A good way to estimate the profitability of a niche is to look at the average CPC for a keyword.

Publicly reveals those advertisers were used to burn on paid ad placements

Keyword Magic Tool CPC Metric

Of course, I am not saying that affiliate marketing is the only way to monetize a blog.

There are other ways to make money on the blog itself without burning affiliate products promoting business, such as:

online course

e books

show ads

material received

course payment by email

But if you ask me, I want to get to the point where you can benefit from monetization in all different ways.

Affiliate marketing, in particular, is a very lucrative business that is hard to miss.

Ask Questions Before Filling a Space

As future bloggers, choosing a niche is a big commitment.

Fake blogs can cost you months and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Yes, skill is a decision you never want to make.

Before I end the post, I have a series of questions for you. If you choose the right space, they will look best for them.

Question 1: Are you happy again?

Want to learn to screw?

In Japanese culture, they have a principle known as "ikigai", that "a reason to fear" is essential.

I know the possibilities are deep and serious, but so is blogging.

Ikigai is the convergence of the four "Whats":

What you like: Make no mistake blogging is very useful. But if you like the subjects you write about, you don't get tired.

What You're Good In: To be able to explain your blog, you need great content.

And to create great content, you need to be as good at the topics you write, as easy as it is.

What the world needs: A place all you need is love. The question is, does the first blog address the real problems people face?

Can you pay for the final, return the services or products you provide to the world, while making some people happy?

Which information serves your blog content first?

What is Ikigai?

Ideally, your niche drawer is boxed. It should be the combination of latest passion, mission, profession and profession.

Buying your Ikigai is important when you know choosing a blog isn't worth a look.

Don't worry, it won't be picky.

Remember, blogging is a "go big or go home" deal. If you don't plan on doing your best to publish every piece, you're never going to get rich.

If your niche is also your ikigai, a simple and easygoing person may or may not be able to sin consistently.

Question 2: Is there a better online marketplace online?

It's no secret that online marketing works best with my online marketing audience.

If you don't plan on attracting your target audience, there's not much they can do?

If they do, do you get the sense that they have empty people shopping on blogs they've never heard of?

With that in mind, there are a few words to look for before you dive into the niche.

The first would be the presence of online communities.

You know a niche the marketer is passionate about when there are dedicated product forums for related topics.

Social media groups are also a good sign but want to have at least thousands of members.

A quick Google search should confirm this. Just enter a keyword and add a "forum" or something like that.

Freelancing for Stay-at-Home Moms SERP

Another indication of a fluid place would be the existence of events - offline and online.

This is true for brands that focus on a particular skill set that can be monetized with informational products such as online courses.

If you find at least one local program or podcast, chances are your market is quite excited about your niche. You can find them on Google or on social media platforms.

Facebook, for one, has a dedicated Events tab in its internal search engine. Here's how it works with the "Ruby on Rails" keyword:

Facebook event search

The last thing I would look for would be other bloggers or "gurus" who have already made a name for themselves.

I'm not talking about shops or websites - I'm talking about other one-person bloggers putting their names on their domains.

For example, there are already many gurus in freelance copywriting who have established their online presence.

Freelance Copywriting Blog

More often than not, these people will be your candidates. But you shouldn't feel threatened about them, especially if you've chosen low-competition keys.

Question 3: Can you grow in this place?

Except you intentionally cache on micro nets, ask yourself if there's enough room for growth in your niche.

Again, if you want to be a successful blogger, you have to be there for a long time.

You cannot provide the information and expertise you currently have.

You should aim to continuously grow in your niche to keep your blog relevant for years.

How can you know that you are doing this?

Simple - Look for online learning resources that help you improve your time knowledge.

It can be an online course, a YouTube tutorial series, a downloadable PDF, or any other blog.

Question 4: Can your niche be located?

Are you still looking for ways to create an ultra-focused space?

This may be possible if you target the local market.

Why didn't I bring it along?

Localized online marketing matters most to startups and businesses that cater to local customers.

But for bloggers, it can reduce the growth potential of your business.

The truth is that the success of local blogs - also known as "hyperlocal blogs" - is often tied to the geography of the location.

This is why most of these blogs are in the fields of restaurants, real estate and travel.

If you want a place in one of these sub-markets, it's probably hyperlocal to praise. But there are some other factors to keep in mind:

Your Real Life Location – Whether you like it or not, you need to be a real local to blog about a specific area or region.

It is impossible to create reliable, hyperlocal blog content without your photos.

Local Keywords - In your keyword research, make sure you plug in the location you're targeting.

Check their competition along with the search volume of local competitions.

Local Submarket Ecosystem – Are you in touch with local influencers and trusted brands in the area?

What about local competitors who can steal your traffic?

Above all, creating a hyperlocal blog is strengthening the local market.

How much time do residents spend online? What is their average income and demographic?

This leads you to the next and final question that you must answer before you can.

Question 5: Is your target market ready and ready to spend your space?

In the end, many new bloggers forget to factor in their ability to spend money and the willingness of their market.

To review their wishes, you only need to answer one question:

Will your blog provide content or services that people get for free?

If yes, then whoever presents your blog is likely to have a hard sell.

Research is important for people planning to sell affiliate products. Examine metrics like CPC and the competitiveness of the most popular keywords.

If both metrics are zero, the ability to monetize your desired location is almost non-existent.

unprofitable niche

It is also possible to check affiliate networks for reviews and feedback on certain products.

Some examples are Amazon Affiliates, Clickbank Forum, and eBay Partner Network.

As for your target audience's ability to spend money, cook it into your market understanding.

Obtaining their purchasing power and preferred payment methods.

For example, if you want to blog about freelancing for students, they can't afford a $1,000 online course.

It is also unlikely that they have active PayPal accounts, therefore supporting traditional payment methods.

teeth whiten

We never get enough light to move forward when it comes to the needs of our world.

Keywords like "tooth whitening kit" and "tooth whitening home" generate thousands of searches per month.

The best part is that their contest is well run by many new bloggers.

teeth whiten

You can make money by promoting affiliate products in this blog niche. Because infomercial products aren't really that important,

Empfield I think is to strengthen and invest in your partner marketing knowledge.

As for your content strategy, you can model it according to an official blog like Enlighten Smiles.

Niche Ideas in Wealth Corps

Health is wealth, but financial wealth is the key to overall well-being.

Wealth core business has gained momentum since the entrepreneurship boom in the past decade. startup,

Blogging, Online Trading - People are rallying for income opportunities that can lead to financial freedom.

Wealth niche bloggers play an important role by providing the public with the information they need.

Here's what they choose to serve:

online exam

One of the biggest hurdles preventing people from running an online entrepreneurship is the paucity of funds. As a result, most of them move to the online gig economy to raise capital.

A blogger can help them achieve their goals by presenting online job opportunities.

Polgar Darren Rose is doing a good job with a job board that hosts online opportunities related to writing.

He also monetizes the site by offering eBooks, online courses, and podcasts.

problogger job board

Other bloggers take a completely different path by sharing tips and resources that will improve the career of an aspiring freelancer.

Ella Kane, a freelancer herself, follows this strategy on her blog. Apart from practical articles, he also provides coaching services and several paid courses.

get out of debt

Although some people turn online to fund future efforts

Others seek line work, others do so to pay off debt.

That's why the next niche - debt management - is coming up.

Since getting out of debt does not require any tangible product or equipment, the products associated with this space are largely unregulated.

As expected, there are e-books and online courses. Affiliate markers can try their hand at promoted credit repair services.

If you ever reach the rank of loan specialist, you can also try making and selling your own.

For example, Budget Mom sells her production line with branded workbooks and various printables.

Budget Mother's Home

senior retirement

One of the key components of a profitable niche is demand.

Want to know what's always in demand? Senior Retirement Planning.

In healthcare, each of us will reach retirement age. And to prepare for this, a lot of our research is about online retirement counseling.

Retirement niche bloggers meet this demand with practical articles.

For monetization, the usual approach is to promote retirement fund programs.

According to Mike Piper of Oblivious Investor, high-traffic influencers in the niche are also writing their own books.

Mike Piper Undisclosed Investor

student finance

There is no rush to be financially responsible.

Students benefit greatly from financial information such as Save the Student. This will prepare them for the challenges that come after graduation.

Student loan debt management comes under the student finance screen. In addition, students also do billing, banking, budgeting and part-time work.

pay off debt

While many people read finance blogs to get out of debt, others go the other way.

Payday loan niche is a very niche market which caters to the short term financial needs of the people.

In lease terms, a payday loan is a small, unsecured loan that must be repaid on the next installment of the loan.

Payday loan bloggers usually provide their audience with information about lenders and prepayments.

In turn, they can monetize their programs with the help of partner programs such as Beneficiary and Leadsgate.


Choosing a niche may seem trivial, but it is actually an important step towards a profitable blog.

Study every possible option to find the right one inside

Trust me - it doesn't get any better for a blog than investing in the wrong place.

If you have any questions about what you have just read, you will provide the following comments.

Share your list of potential ideas and let the master blogging community know you.

Thank you very much and congratulations!

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