What is Android Oreo Go Edition - Google has released Oreo Go Edition

What is Android Oreo Go Edition - Google has released Oreo Go Edition

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You all must have heard the name of Android Oreo but do you know what is Android Oreo Go Edition, if you do not know then you must read the post till the last The app is all public but Google has recently come out with Oreo Go Edition to yah, we are all confused that what is the last Android Oreo Go Edition or what devices it is for or how will it help them, so let's know Android Oreo Go Edition Naked Main

You all know that our budget phones are like 3000 rupees or 4000 rupees, 5000 rupees, we are standing, their hardware is not so good and the version of android that you get on it is marshmallow lollipop Or to say Nougat, we are using Android but we are not enjoying it so much, so there was a need to develop a new version of Android here, so here Google has brought a new version Android Oreo Go Edition on the vehicle. Will be targeted for low cost smartphone device where it gets limited specification value which is 1 GB of RAM only 8 GB of storage so what happens when JB phone comes in your hand then there is very less storage on sense or if If you have recorded any video, then after that your storage km is paddy, then here Android Oreo Go will solve the ghost problem whether it is performance related whether it is storage related like those users are doing budget smartphones which are 4,5 Even if you have a thousand rupees phone, you can use the latest features of Android to perform better. along with

The Android Go Edition that will be available on Yahan will be available only in budget phones or the first problem here is that the storage phone is late, so the storage that is available is 8 GB, so now the phone that will come with Android Oreo Go Edition The storage available in it will be almost double, the code of the OS is very small, which is the pre-installed app in the phone, their size is very small, so the free storage you will get here will be almost double or whatever you want. The size of the app you will install will be 50%, so you will be able to install more for the app application before it will be full or here we talk about performance, then the app loading performance that you have got is 50 for you. % is going to get fast or the performance you will get will be optimized, it will be your hardware, so here you will get to see good performance for you

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