Voice Screen Lock: PIN - Pattern Lock, Time Lock

Voice Screen Lock: PIN - Pattern Lock, Time Lock

Super Sax Voice Screen Lock is a convenient app which helps you to lock your phone.

Voice Screen Lock: PIN - Pattern Lock, Time Lock

Voice Screen Lock : Unlock Screen With Voice Command is an amazing new application that allows you to unlock your phone using voice commands. Speak and unlock your device using your voice set password.

You use different lock screens with different patterns to protect your data or private or sensitive data. You want a completely different lock screen, it works with your voice too. Then your wish is fulfilled.

You get a completely new style lock screen by voice screen lock application, just say your password and open your lock. This is the best screen lock application which is also very fun to use.

Unique Voice Screen Lock is a new and very unique lock way to lock/unlock your phone device. This is the best application if you want to have a unique voice lock screen option on your phone device. It is very easy and simple to use and very easy to setup your nice voice lock screen password. Show your friends and family members the new style of unlocking your device through your voice commands and voice controls.

PIN Screen Lock :-

An amazing collection of wallpapers for pin screen lock. The all new Latest Pin Lock Screen is here to give an attractive look to your phone. If you want to get rid of the traditional boring screen lock, you can refresh the look of your phone by downloading this free application which is Pin Lock Screen.

Pin Screen Lock is compatible with almost every Android device. It has also been tested on various Android devices i.e. Android tablets and Android based mobile phones. All the actions can be performed very easily without any confusion.

Pattern Screen Lock :-

Pattern Lock Screen is a cool, secure and customizable lock screen app with various beautiful wallpapers.

This pattern screen lock app shows and displays real-time clock and date. Set beautiful pattern design on your lock screen with an easy password. Gesture Lock Screen app gives you pattern lock screen high security. Password pin and pattern screen off and pattern lock feature is available free of cost in this smart lock pattern app.

મકરસક્રાંતિ (ઉતરાયણ) જાહેરનામું વાંચો : પેજ-1,,, પેજ-2

Download Application From Here

Time Screen Lock :-

Here Screen Lock - Time Password (Dynamic Password) comes to the rescue. You can make your phone current time as its lock screen password. And time changes every minute, so passwords change too, so no one can even guess it.

How to set Voice Lock in mobile? Lock/Unlock phone by voice

Friends if you want to know how to apply voice lock in mobile, how to lock and unlock mobile by voice, then you are at right place if you are an android mobile user who should know that we have pattern Like there are many lock options. in this. PIN, Face lock etc are available but do you know that you can also lock the mobile with your voice and you can also unlock the mobile with your voice, it is as good to hear as it is to use it. you will feel

If you are hearing about voice lock for the first time on a smartphone, then you must be thinking that how can it be that the phone can be locked and unlocked with our voice, but there may be many such features. of mobile. Most of the people are not aware of it and Android is a very popular operating system with many features.

And its best thing is its apps, on the internet you get crores and billions of android apps, through which many things can be done in mobile and in this post also I am going to tell you about a locker app that you can use You can lock and unlock the mobile with your voice.

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You all must know about Voice Lock, it is a very good and secure way to lock your phone because if you lock the mobile with your voice then no one will be able to unlock it except you. Your phone won't unlock until it hears your voice

If you also want that your mobile cannot be unlocked by anyone other than you, then you can use it, although in Android mobile you get many other screen lock options like fingerprint, face lock etc.

But Voice Lock is a very cool and easy way to lock and unlock your phone, in which you can lock and unlock your phone with your voice without touching it.

For this there are many voice lock apps available on the internet and in some smartphones this option is already given, but if there is no such option in your mobile so that you can lock the phone with your voice then in this post you will get the trick. Will go i'm going to tell

How to Lock/Unlock Phone by Voice?

Nowadays everyone has their own smartphone, from children to the elderly, it remains with everyone, the main reason for the popularity of the smartphone is its user interface and the features available in it and do you know that you also know with your voice. You can put a lock on your smartphone, that is, you can lock/unlock the phone by saying anything in your voice, for this there are many apps available on the internet, but few of them work properly.

And I am going to tell about one of those apps, the name of this app is Voice Screen Lock, so far it has been downloaded by more than 1 million people and its rating is 3.1, using this you can change your mobile screen. Can lock and unlock. sound. can do.

And you can also set a PIN so that if ever your mobile is not unlocking with your voice then you can unlock your device by entering this PIN. Many more such features can be found in this voice locker app.

How to set Voice Lock in mobile? best voice locker app

  • If you also want to set voice lock in your mobile which opens only with your voice then you can do so as I told that there are many voice locker apps on the internet but here I will tell you about only one app which you can do. You can use it easily, for this follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you have to download the application named Voice Screen Lock in your mobile from Google Play Store, which can also be done from here.

  • screen lock app
  • After downloading and installing the voice lock app in your mobile, open it, then an option will appear here, click on it, then this app will ask you for some permission and will give permission by clicking on allow.
  • Then some options will appear here, click on the option with set voice lock.
  • Then you will see an icon with a mic, by clicking on it you have to say the word with which you want to lock and unlock your device, the same word that will be spoken here will be your voice password and it will unlock the device You can do anything with your voice. can speak.
  • Then you will see enable option below, click on it and then you will be asked to enter 4 to 5 digit pin, here you will enter whatever pin you remember because when you forget voice password then enter this pin also can do. By doing this unlock your device. After entering the PIN, click on Next.
  • Then confirm again by entering the same PIN that you entered earlier and click on OK.
  • Now you have successfully set up voice lock on your mobile and when you lock the screen you will see mic icon on it, you have to say the same words in your voice which you have set, your device will be unlocked.

In this way you can easily lock and unlock your mobile with your voice.

Benefits of using Voice Lock -

No one wants someone to use their phone without their permission, because everyone's phone has some personal data like images, videos etc., which they don't want to share with anyone.

But it is also true that your mobile is not with you all the time, so many people use simple lock with pin, pattern, password in their mobile, but better way is with voice lock, i.e. you can use it by voice. can give. Your Mobile. can lock with

The method with pattern and password is good but if you unlock your mobile with pattern or password in front of your friend or any person then that person gets to know the password of your mobile.

And he can unlock your mobile anytime without your permission, so voice lock method is the best, using which nobody will be able to unlock your mobile except you.

Necessary -

If you search the internet by writing the best Voice Locker app for android, then you will find many applications named Voice Screen Locker 2020, Voice Lock app etc. And the information that has been told to you in this post also

This is only explained about voice lock and shared only for education purpose so use the app mentioned in this post as per your wish and if there is any problem in using it in your mobile then its responsibility Is. Yours will too.

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Friends, you must have learned about how to lock phone with voice, how to apply voice lock in mobile, if this information is beneficial for you, then share it with your other friends on social media sites and more а lot. Keep visiting our site to read posts related to Android Tricks.

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