Follow these tips for quick recovery when you are hit by corona

Follow these tips for quick recovery when you are hit by corona

 The cases of the new version of Corona 'Omicron' are spreading like wildfire all over the world. More than 1 lakh cases have been reported in 6 countries in 24 hours. The third wave of corona cases has started in the country. No, Narayan, if you get caught in this wave, you need to make efforts for a speedy recovery. Here are some tips to help you avoid the risk of covid long in the future. Follow these 5 tips for that....

1. Keep the body hydrated

To recover quickly from corona, it is necessary to drink the right amount of water. Australian scientist Robert Boy says that staying hydrated helps in recovering from corona. It allows all the functions of the body to function properly.

2. Get Enough Rest

Rest is essential to recover from any disease. In Corona, doctors advise to give maximum rest to the body. So this advice should not be ignored. Not getting enough rest can lead to long term covid risk.

3. Eat a diet rich in nutrients

During illness, there is a lack of important nutrients in the body. So eat more and more nutritious food. Do not eat fried, spicy things. Avoid junk food, soft drinks and alcohol at all.

4. Regular Exercise

Do light exercise daily to keep your body healthy and fit. One can do Pranayama like Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhati. His respiratory system becomes stronger. Apart from this, if you like workouts, then you can continue it even after recovering from Kovid.

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5. Take care of mental health too

Corona pandemic affects our body as well as our mental health. Anxiety and stress can make the disease worse. Boost your morale by doing meditation and yoga. You can also develop new hobbies during recovery.

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Disclaimer: Follow only the advice given in this article. Consult a doctor before following any kind of remedy/medication/diet.

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