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મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક


Devanshi Joshi's message from the field of journalism says goodbye

Inside, whose gleam is gleaming, say what is missing,

  A man like a man explodes with a bang.
Friends, today I want to talk about Devanshiben Joshi, the popular anchor of Gujarat, who is an honest, adventurous, impartial, fearless and safe anchor in the field of journalism, who has established the value and confidence that every student has his own person.

I saw the rise of truth in the midst of the culmination of journalism, which is also a very important factor in Gujarati journalism which is the main religion of a journalist is to present the truth to the people and the government of which he has provided the best example.

રાજાWhat is a king without people and a peacock without feathers?  As you can imagine, the media is a major part of any movement.  If it assumes, it exposes it and if it assumes, it also disappears.  Many such things we have seen so closely to this day.  The crow's tiger and the tiger's special ability and power to crow are shared by journalist friends.

નોકરીGovernment job is the whole life of today's youth for which thousands of students have to get the fragrance of homeland, mother's affection, father's affection, dedication of family, their hobbies, sacrifice of occasions, separation from friends, hard work and results.  The exam is a final assessment for 8 hours in which they try to prove themselves as the best with full confidence, but in which many of the students' dreams are shattered in a matter of moments due to fears of something happening.

The same thing happens every time there is trembling in all four directions and discussions are gaining momentum that paper footy is also the basis ??  Many such questions were swirling in everyone's mind that what will happen now ??  But somewhere a young man took the initiative to start a movement but you all know that it is up to the police and journalists to make the movement successful or fail.

  Samar shesh hai nahi paap ka bhagi keval vyadh,

Jo tatastha hai samay likhega unke bhi apradh

At such a time, a brave Gujarat lion from Vada village in Lunawada taluka of Mahisagar district happened somewhere.  Somewhere along the line I was told that at any cost I should give justice to the candidates who were in this despair and they openly welcomed me to the agitators that you come and express your grief which we will give through our medium.

Every time the bugle of the bus movement was blown, the students would enter the Patangan of Dhodapur capital, but every time the police would break out in a sweat.  While there was a lot of noise, when there was no one, the message would hit the TV field in realizing the faith of the students, which can only be attributed to Devanshi Joshi.

On behalf of the students, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Devanshi Joshi, the honest, adventurous, impartial, fearless anchor of Gujrani, who has been giving voice to the voice of the students till the end of the movement.  .

              Ways to honor your parents, if you can !!!

1.  Yours in their presence
       Completely separate the cellphone
.  On what they say
       Pay attention.
.  Accept their beliefs.
.  You in their conversation
       Also get involved.
.  Respect them
.  Praise them forever
.  Good news to them
       Give the need.
.  Bad news to them
        If giving can be
.  Their friends and
       With relatives
       Be respectful.
10.  Good done by them
       Remember the work forever.
11.  They are probably one of a kind
       If you say the same thing over and over again
       But in such a way
       Listen or know
       Speaking for the first time.
13.  The past hurts
       Repeat such memories or occasions
       Don't repeat.
13.  In their presence
       Go to each other's ears
       Avoid talking.
13.  Discreetly with them
      Sit down.
13.  Descending their thoughts
       Said Anne
       Don't even bother.
13.  Anything they say
       Cutting in half
13.  Malajo their age
13.  Their alakhe palkhe
       Their grandchildren k
       Granddaughter-granddaughter rule
       To show off
13.  Their advice and
       Accept the guidance.
20.  Accept their leadership.
21.  They are loud together
       Don't talk
.  In front of or in front of them
       Avoid passing.
.  You before their meal
       Avoid eating yourself.
.  Seeing them one assumed
       Do not mean no
.  Even to them
       You're so proud
       Prove, at the time
       That they themselves believe
       I just don't deserve this.
.  Your feet in front of them
       Keeping that back to them
       Avoid sitting up.
.  Don't talk about them
       Do and others have done
       Even then he described it
       Don't tell them.
.  Yours to them too
       Add to the prayer.
.  Bored in their presence
       Don't show fatigue.
20.  Their mistakes or ignorance
       Avoid laughing at.
21.  Before they say
       Do their job.
.  Their regularly
       Keep moving closer.
.  In dialogue with them
       Pay attention to your own words
.  To them by the same words
       Respect those who em
       Like yourself
.  Whatever your own work
       Even at the expense of them
       Give priority.

Parents are the biggest treasure in this world.

First of all our God and Guru is the parents and this is also stated in every scripture and religion.
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