ઇકોક્લબ ફાઈલ | Eco Club Activity File PDF 2023-2024

ઇકો ક્લબ ફાઈલ pdf 2023-24

Sell recyclables, earn cash & ecocoins, buy eco-friendly products from ecostore.

Ecocrew is a safe, easy, and reliable way to sell your recyclables (Newspapers, Plastics, Metals, Electronics & Appliances, etc.). You can easily schedule a doorstep recyclables pickup according to your own convenient date and time.

Eco Club Activity File PDF Download

Selling your recyclables not only earns you money but also helps contribute to a clean and green environment. Plus it provides eco coins for each pickup they complete. Which can be used to purchase things from their in-app eco-store, where users can find eco-friendly alternatives to their everyday use products.

The pickup is done by our verified executives who use ISO-marked digital weighing scales and pay you a fair amount for your recyclables according to the rates which are regularly updated on our mobile app.
Our service is currently available in Bangalore.

Download the app now.
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