Name Photo On Birthday Cake | बर्थ डे केक पर फोटो लगाए और नाम लिख के ऐसे विश करे ।

Name Photo On Birthday Cake | बर्थ डे केक पर फोटो लगाए और नाम लिख के ऐसे विश करे ।

बर्थ डे केक पर फोटो लगाए और नाम लिख के ऐसे विश करे ।

About This App

✓ App Name : Name Photo On Birthday Cake
✓ Apk Size : 27 mb
✓ Developer : Image Crop n Wallpaper Changer
✓ Use For : This app Name Photo On Birthday Cake apply on birthday with cake using name on cake
✓ Reting : 3+
✓ Total Downloads : 1,00,00,000+ 
✓ Download Link : Click Here

Add Your Photo on Birthday Cake For Your Bessty For Birthday Wish

This Free application is specially created with nice realistic and Beautiful Birthday Cakes images.

Name Photo On Birthday Cake apply on birthday with cake using name on cake and photo on cake to make birthday very special.

Most priceless day for everyone is Birthday it is because in this special day every person has started his or her new life in this world so as friends and family lets make it more great.

Write happy birthday wishes on the cake and Write your name on a birthday cakes is the photo frames with your friends and loved ones.

Wish your friends and family member's birthday cake with his/her name and photo on cake to make more realistic, amazing with love. Use this app to photo on birthday cake. now put photo on birthday cake and make amazing wish to birthday person.

Name photo on birthday cake, wish your Birthday with set photo on cake and write stylish name of birthday person with different font with effects and all new fresh birthday cake with images. Different stickers for decorate this birthday cake with trending sticker also and also write the quotes or status on the birthday cake with name and photo. Birthday cake with name and photo is a awesome Birthday Wishes Photo Editing app to celebrate birthday Online.

You can celebrate the birthday with sending the birthday video and gif with different categories with their name and photo. We support gif and video media with in apps.

Celebrate Birthday with the Birthday Poster with Different colors and new creative design with set photo on it and decorate with the sticker and status.

Place the Birthday Person Photo on Greeting cards with Text or Name. Simply edit the name with color and different fonts support. Birthday Wish Card with all new images.

Different categories with all new Quotes, just copy and share with birthday person with writing name also.

It make easy to connect with friends by taking better photos with great artist style. Greet your family and friends by using their recent activities photo and videos and create image or video to wish them and show your love towards them.

Make the most impressive photo or video on birthday cake with the creator of Name Photo On Birthday Cake. Yes, using birthday cake with edit name application you can add photo and name on cake to make them feel special and full or joy and love.

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How to use this app : 

* Choose images from gallery.
* Selected image will set automatically in Birthday Cake.
* Different birthday Cakes are available for your choice.
* You can also add stickers with Name Photo On Birthday cake and make it more realistic.
* Add text on Name Photo On Birthday with Text of that photo choose or something else to write on it.
* Image saved in Name Photo On Cake Creation.
* You can share Name Photo On Birthday Cake & Save Your Images .
* My Work Contains all the saved Name Photo On Birthday Cake.
* Share your creation with friends and family via social networks.
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